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The Roof Buddy is a riser kit designed for mounting Wind Turbines on rooftops. Our units may be used on almost any building or structure. Flat roofs, Pitched Roofs, Metal Roofs, Corrugated Roofs, Wooden Roofs, Concrete Roofs and Sheet Metal roofs. Works with 1-1/4" - 6" "Rigid" Conduit or  Intermediate Metal Conduit "IMC".

Our products are specially designed for isolating the vibration from resonating throughout a building. Suitable for almost any wind turbine and on almost any roof!

Works like an electric meter conduit riser. All conductors are concealed within the riser. Meets National Electrical Code requirements!

Roof Buddy makes it a snap to mount wind turbines on almost any roof!

The Roof Buddy™! Wind Turbine Riser

roofbuddy Makes installing any wind turbine a snap!


roof buddy Attaches to almost any surface! Eliminates resonance problems!


roof buddy  Works with Rigid or IMC sizes 1-1/4" - 4" (6" available by special order)

The Roof Buddy™

Rooftop wind turbine riser mounting kit is designed to for securely mounting a wind turbine on a rooftop and for routing the cables from the unit to the Controller and isolating the vibration for almost any wind turbine on almost any roof! Ensure a weatherproof seal and solid installation! Suitable for RIGID & IMC 1-1/4" - 6".

Installs just like an conduit riser for an Electric Meter. Solid and secure and meets NEC!

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Available for Rigid Steel and IMC. Sizes 1-1/4" - 6"


Welder miller lincoln

Custom built rooftop ,structure, or ground base towers for almost any wind turbine. 30'-50'

All hardware is included!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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