Supa-FLO Urbanite 

Our patented unique Rooftop Mounted Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Ventilator design operates independently of the wind direction. Works with or without ventilation! The unit produces electricity in all wind speeds and never shuts down in high winds. They are Bird friendly, lightweight, and may be self-installed. On duty with 24/7 reliable clean wind power.

Hurricane Rated for use in high wind areas! Certified survivable to 100+ MPH! More kWh per year than comparable systems! Low cost rooftop wind turbine ventilators for reliable power generation.

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Supaflo Tina and the 1st Supa-Flo! Green Power

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines made with Aircraft grade aluminum for long life.

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 Suitable for cold climates!

New design tools have allowed our R&D department even further development of larger more efficient Wind Turbines. New generator designs allow for less expensive manufacturing cost, easier transportation and less shipping cost as well as faster, lower installed cost per kW installation. A low impact on the environment too.

Our units are suitable for use almost anywhere on earth. Communications and data capabilities via Wi-Fi, Fiber, Internet, Telephone or Satellite connections are available. Built in the USA with pride!


Suitable for mounting on Rooftops, Poles, Towers, Wind Farms, Structures, Platforms, Buildings and more!

  Supa-Flo 500 Easy Install Low Cost Wind Power & Easy Installation!

Dedicated Power Electronics, Rapid Charge Controllers and advanced Permanent Magnet Generators provide 24 hour power production coverage! Armored Cable connects inside the unit back to Collection System Junction box or to Transformer! No conduits required, this saves time and money! We can design a Collection system based on your installation! Complete packages available complete with wiring, collection system, transformers, grid -tie charge controller. Complete design build, and installation services worldwide!

Operates independently of the wind direction!

Supa Flo Urbanite

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 Urbanite Truss Mount Urbanite

Commercial Units Now Available! Urbanite 2.5kW

Advanced High Output - High Power Density Permanent Magnet Generators


AKWT MeterDollars  We can build a MEGA or Mini-Wind Farm on your property that will reduce your energy dependence! Average 10 year return on your investment, that is limited only by location! Our units provide above 40 % uptime! Offset your fuel cost and qualify for Tax Credits & Rebates.

Plug Power


Residential | Industrial | Commercial | Community | Government

Battery Charging | Lighting | Emergency Power | Remote Power | Communications

We offer custom built High Performance Professional Grade Units that may be mounted on Towers, Poles, Platforms, Buildings, Rooftops, Vehicles, Trailers and more. Our Turbines can be used for Battery charging, Heating or Grid connection and beyond!

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Supa Flo Roof Top Wind Turbines


Great for Homes, Schools, Retail Stores, Commercial Buildings, Apartment Complexes, Sub Divisions, Swimming pools, Farms, Industrial Plants, Warehouses, Malls, Government Buildings, Shopping Centers, Gymnasiums and more!

Combine building ventilation with POWER GENERATION! Units available with or without ventilation! 100% Waterproof!

Lift Electric  Lifts

Do you have a factory that uses Electric Carts or Mobile Lifts and trucks? Our units are excellent for industrial and commercial battery charging at warehouses and factories. Weighs less than 100 lbs installed! The units operate independently of the wind and provide building ventilation if desired.

Rain proof and operates in winds up to 100 MPH +! This unit is available in 500W>.

We can design, build and install a custom built solution to meet your wind speed!


Stored Energy

We will soon be delivering BULK STORED Energy on demand in central Arkansas! Now you do not need a wind turbine or any expensive equipment! You simply draw your power from our system located on your site. We handle everything else, a complete turnkey system. All you do is use the power and enjoy the savings!

Energy Storage System  Metering

We will deliver ELECTRICITY to you cheaper than you can generate it or buy it from the Power Company! Whatever your daily kWh usage we can install a system that you can operate off of. We will re-charge your system before it gets low. The cost is less than half of what you pay now! Operate off our meter! We send you an electronic bill and you pay that online! All you need is our storage system! Pay for what you need! Stay connected to the POCO or get off the grid.

Visit Wind Power & Light for info! We can design, build, install or deliver a system for almost any project big or small. Every project is important to us! Roadside charging stations, remote sites, electric carts, homes, businesses and more!

Interested parties or companies can request info on how to sign-up now!

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Tall Vane Vertical Axis Wind Turbines



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Tall Vane High Output Wind Turbines

Exclusively Available at Rooftop Wind Power.

Supa-FLO 500 3phase5060  | Rooftop, Pole, Tower, Structure, or Platform Mounted

SUPA-FLO Recommended

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Supa-Flo 500 Supa-FLO 500 3phase5060  POLE Mount 10'-206'


500> 3phase5060 Wind Light Wind Powered Lighting Systems

Easily installed on old or new buildings. Great for walkways, roadways, prisons, agriculture, animal farms, greenhouses and industrial facilities.

House Power  Electric Car

Excellent choice for home or commercial battery charging stations.

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Urbanite 1kw 3phase5060

Urbanite Urbanite

Rooftop, Pole, Platform, Tower or Building Mounted VAWT


Urbanite Truss Mount

Building, Truss, Wall or Pole Mount Unit

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Patriot  2.5


Patriot Wind Farms Patriot Wind Farm | Build your own Power Plant!

Patriot Hi-Lite Patriot Hi-Lite

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Renegade 5 35060 Pole Mounted Units and RENEGADE Wind Farms

Renegade 8' X 12' Rotor 5 kW (WXH)

7.5 35060 Pole Mounted Units and LIBERATOR Wind Farms

Liberator VAWT 8' X 16' Rotor 7.5 kW (WXH)



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We strongly recommend that our units should ONLY be installed by a Licensed Electrician!

At Rooftop Wind Power, safety is priority #1! There is no job so important that it can not be completed safely.

No matter what size project, no matter where it's located, we are committed to Safety, Professional Service and Superior Quality!

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