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Rooftop Wind Power manufactures High Output Wind Turbines used to generate electricity. We custom build units which are designed for a specific purpose or for a specific client. We work closely with our customers to deliver a durable, high efficiency product that meets their requirements and budget. Reduce your energy cost and help the environment.

GET OFF THE GRID! Wind is a free, endless resource.

Supaflo + meter + AKWT Meter =Dollars

Offset your fuel cost and qualify for Tax Credits & Rebates.

500 watt vawt

"An ideal wind turbine with a "disc type rotor" would slow down the wind by 2/3 of its original speed."  - Betz' Law

Feeding power into the grid involves conversion of the voltage from a
wind turbine and a rectifier to grid compatible AC-voltage by “inverting”
DC to AC. Our system feeds power into a standard single phase 50Hz/60Hz, 240
VAC, residential, commercial, industrial or institutional facility ’s electrical system which is
connected to the electrical grid. If the wind turbine and inverter are providing the
same amount of electrical power that the consumer is using then no power is taken from or fed
into the utility grid. If the consumer is using more power than the wind turbine is
providing, then the utility grid provides the balance of power. If the consumer is
using less power than the wind system is generating, then the excess is fed
into the utility grid.

Be sure to look into local regulations regarding net metering / inter-connection
in your local area.



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Plug Power

Residential | Industrial | Commercial | Community | Government

Battery Charging | Lighting | Emergency Power | Remote Power | Grid-Tie | Distributive Power


We custom build High Output Professional Grade Units that may be mounted on Rooftops, Towers, Poles, Platforms, Buildings and more. Our Turbines can be used for Battery charging, Heating or Grid connection and beyond! No battery is required for grid connection!



Supa-Flo Wind Farm

Reduce your annual energy dependence and earn tax credits! Great for battery charging!


Lower your monthly electric bill and reduce equipment maintenance and labor cost!

Industrial and Commercial Applications

 Industrial Cart

Agriculture and Farming


Rooftop mounted Supa-Flo 500 units install on almost any roof or building. Ventilation is optional! Units connect using MC Cable so no conduit is required! Easy installation and no towers or heavy cranes required! We recommend consulting a Licensed Electrician for installations that meet or exceed the NEC.


Residential, Industrial, Commercial Rooftop and Pole Mounted Installations

 House Power Electric Car

Electric Car

Great for Homes, Schools, Retail Stores, Commercial Buildings, Apartment Complexes, Sub Divisions, Swimming pools, Farms, Industrial Plants, Warehouses, Malls, Government Buildings, Shopping Centers, Gymnasiums and more!

Retrofit your facility today with our URBANITE 1000 and tap into an available endless income stream. Earn energy credits and reduce your annual energy cost. Government incentives are available.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines - Operates independently of wind direction!

Rooftop, Structure, Pole or Platform Mounted

More total kWh power per dollar spent compared to HAWT systems.
bullet Easy low cost installation. No cranes or heavy equipment needed.
bullet Progressive affordability. Start small and add more turbines as you can afford them.
bullet Redundant dependability with multiple turbines running.
bullet Silent or Quiet Operation depending on load and wind speed.
bullet Low Profile
bullet Low Vibration using advanced patented technology.

bullet Bird Friendly
bullet Provides Ventilation if desired, works with most applications, special units available.

bullet Very winter proof! Snow and ice create no major problems for our units.
bullet No high wind speed worries. Small turbines are extremely durable in heavy storms!
bullet Our units look like roof vents!
bullet Flexibility. Add ONLY as many turbines as you need to run your household or other equipment.
bullet Less conspicuous and does not require a radial fall zone.
bullet Units can be placed closer to property lines.
bullet Great for small properties and farms. May be painted any color to blend with scenery.
bullet No expensive towers to buy that can actually cost more than the wind turbine itself!
bullet Units blend in with scenery having a very high acceptance rate from neighbors / community!
bullet Light weight so shipping and transportation is no problem.

Supa-Flo 500

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