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Our unique patented  High Output Vertical Axis Wind Powered Generator design operates independently of the wind direction. The unit produces electricity in all wind speeds and never shuts down in high winds. They are Bird friendly, lightweight, and may be self-installed. Guaranteed year round low cost 24/7 reliable clean wind power.


Hurricane rated for use in high wind areas! We build custom size throats to fit your roof. More kWh per year than comparable systems! Our design is already well accepted since they look like roof ventilators. Your neighbors will never know! No permit required in most locations!

bullet Two-piece variable-pitch base fits roof pitches from 3/12 up to 12/12
bullet Large flashing allows for easy installation

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines made with Aircraft grade aluminum for long life.

New design tools have allowed our R&D department even further development of larger more efficient Wind Turbines. New generator designs allow for less expensive manufacturing cost, easier transportation and less shipping cost as well as faster, lower installed cost per kW installation. A low impact on the environment too.

Our units are suitable for use almost anywhere on earth. Communications and data capabilities via Wi-Fi, Fiber, Internet, Telephone or Satellite connections are available. Built in the USA with pride!

Supa-FLO 500 3phase5060 Pole Mounted | Truss Mount

Grid-Tie or Charge Controller With RS485 Port and Display Included


Supa-Flo Wind Farm

 Charge Control PM GEN AC Cable

bigspinner High Power Density PM Generators

Dedicated Power Electronics, Rapid Charge Controllers, and advanced High Output Permanent Magnet Generators provide 24 hour power production coverage! Armored Cable connects inside the unit back to Collection System Junction box or to Transformer! No conduits required, this saves time and money! We design a Collection system based on your installation!

Complete packages available complete with wiring, collection system, transformers, and grid-tie charge controller. Complete design build, and installation services worldwide!

Operates independently of the wind direction! Output at all wind speeds!

Advanced High Output - High Power Density Permanent Magnet Generators

Low and High Speed variable output operation.

Easy Install Rooftop Mounted, Pole, Platform and Tower mounted too!   W 1096 mm X H 643 mm!


AKWT Meter  Dollars

We can build a MEGA or Mini-Wind Farm on your property that will reduce your energy dependence! Average 10 year return on your investment, that is limited only by location! Our units provide above 40 % uptime! Offset your fuel cost and qualify for Tax Credits & Rebates.

Plug Power

AKWT Global, Sales, Delivery & Installation Services


Residential | Industrial | Commercial | Community | Government

Truss Mounted | Area Lighting | Pole Mounted

Battery Charging | Lighting | Emergency Power | Remote Power | Communications

We offer custom built High Performance Professional Grade Units that may be mounted on Towers, Poles, Platforms, Buildings, Rooftops, Vehicles, Trailers and more. Our Turbines can be used for Battery charging, Heating or Grid connection and beyond!


Supa Flo Roof Top Wind Turbines


500W Lighting Units Example | Charges batteries, supplies area lighting.

Great for Homes, Schools, Retail Stores, Commercial Buildings, Apartment Complexes, Sub Divisions, Swimming pools, Farms, Industrial Plants, Warehouses, Malls, Government Buildings, Shopping Centers, Gymnasiums and more!

Combine building ventilation with POWER GENERATION! Units available with or without ventilation! 100% Waterproof!

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 See our SUPA-FLO on GreenEnergy TV!

Provisionally Patented 7/2002-2010

SUPA-FLO | Rooftop, Platform, or Pole Mounted VAWT

SUPA-FLO Recommended

Do you have a factory that uses Electric Carts or Lifts? These units are excellent for industrial and commercial warehouses and factories. The units operate independently of the wind and provide building ventilation as well. Rain proof and operates in winds up to 100 MPH +! This unit is available in various sizes and power ratings.

Lower your monthly electric bill and reduce equipment maintenance and labor cost!

Industrial and Commercial Applications

Industrial Cart

Agriculture and Farming


Rooftop mounted Supa-Flo 500 units install on almost any roof or building. Ventilation is optional! Units connect using MC Cable so no conduit is required! Easy installation and no towers or heavy cranes required! We recommend consulting a Licensed Electrician for installations that meet or exceed the NEC.

Residential, Industrial, Commercial Rooftop and Pole Mounted Installations

Easily installed on old or new buildings. Great for prisons, agriculture, animal farms, greenhouses and industrial facilities with low light requirements.

House Power  Electric Car

Supa-FLO 500 3phase5060 Pole Mounted | Truss Mount

Grid-Tie or Charge Controller With RS485 Port and Display Included


Bernoulli's airflow patterns actually boost power!  Also see "Airfoils & Airflow"

NASA Website on Aerodynamics

Excellent choice for battery charging, residential lighting and grid-tie connection.

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