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Liberator High Output Wind Turbine

Liberator VAWT

16' X 8' (HXW)

Power output @ 10.7 m/s (24 MPH) 7500 W>

Height: 16'
Width: 8'

Weight : 226 kg  - (500 lbs) Approximate weight with generator, subject to change without notice.



Turbine: Aluminum 5005 H34 / FRP
  Adapter: Stainless Steel
  Dome & skirt: Aluminum 1200 H0
  Base: Hot-dip Galvanized Mild Steel
  Pole: Tapered with Hand hole and mounting hardware.
ROTATION BEARINGS: Main bearing: SKF Precision
WIND SPEED RATING: Exceeds – 205.2km/h, 57m/s


Power & Voltage

Liberator Power CurveLiberator Voltage


12,500 Watt PM Generator

Rated output at 10.7 m/s (24 MPH) wind speed.

QUIET OPERATION with LITTLE OR NO VIBRATION - 20+ year life! The unit will continue to produce power above 10.7 m/s up to 12,500 Watts!

Rooftop Mounting Adapters Available and H-Frame Tubular Towers

 AKWT VAWT CALCULATOR. Please note the Betz Limit when using this calculator.


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