Professional quality wind speed sensor with digital display. Registers wind speeds up to and over 100 mph. Powered by a coin battery for several months of typical use. Comes with a 25' wire standard, up to 500' custom. Mount the sensor on a pole or tripod, in the field or on a building. High accuracy unit that you can monitor wind speed, store max & average with. This anemometer is great for applications where AC power is not available. Easy to install! Works with almost any wire.

SENSOR TYPE Anemometer utilizes a 3-Cup rotor.
Reed switch/magnet provide 1 pulse per rotation.
ROTOR DIAMETER approx. 6 in (150 mm)
SPEED RANGE approx. 3 mph to 125+ mph (~5 kph to over 200 kph)
MOUNTING BRACKET Supplied with an aluminum mounting bracket with 2 holes for screws.
Designed to be mounted on top of a pole or bracket.
Custom brackets available up request (offset, for example)
WIRE Standard length is 25 feet (8m)
Custom lengths available upon request - tested OK to over 1,500 feet
The wire is provided stripped and unterminated

Removable LCD Digital Display.
Dual Display simutaneously shows CURRENT SPEED (top display)plus:
MAX, AVERAGE, KM/MILES, or several other (bicycle-related) functions.
Select mph or km/h (knots too if you wish)
Water-resistant (not waterproof).

Provided with high strength self-adhesive Velcro pads for mounting the display

POWER CR2032 Coin Battery located in the display - not the rotor/head
Battery life 1 to 3 years of intermittent, occasional use.
A few months to a year of continuous use, depending on wind conditions and mode of use
(Display goes to low power mode when the wind speed drops to zero,
or if removed from the bracket when not in use)
SPEED RESOLUTION Top Anemometer Display (Current Speed): 0.5 mph
Bottom Anemometer Display (Max, Average, etc.): 0.01 mph
DIGIT SIZE Top Display (Current Speed): 10mm (approx. 1/2")
Bottom Display (Max, Average, etc.): 5mm (approx. 1/4")
UPDATE RATE Approximately 1Hz (1 second)
ACCURACY 0.5 mph from 4 to 10 mph
+/-4% from 10 to 50 mph
estimated within 4% above 50 mph

Industrial Grade anemometer with digital display and handles speeds from 3 mph to over 125 mph. Comes with 25 feet of exterior grade wire. This anemometer is great for residential, commercial or Industrial uses. This unit is well suited to be used in the field/mobile where AC power is not available.

Price: $100.00 (includes 25 ft of wire)


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