100 kW Wind Farm

16 unit Tubular Tower16 unit Tubular TowerTubular Towers

100 kW Includes 3 Tubular Tower, Mounting Hardware and 40 Patriot 2.5 kW High Output Wind Turbines or 8 Renegade 5 kW units with Transformer and 100 kW Frequency Converter.


  Charge Control    PM Gen

Dedicated Power Electronics, Rapid Charge Controller and High Output Permanent Magnet Axial Flux Generators provide 24 hour power production coverage! Wind Turbine Cable connects inside the unit back to Collection System Junction box or to Transformer! No conduits required, this saves time and money!

We can design a Collection system based on your installation! Complete packages available complete with wiring, collection system, transformers, grid-tie charge controller. Complete design build, and installation services worldwide!

Operates independently of the wind direction!

Advanced High Output - High Power Density Permanent Magnet Generators

Low and High Speed variable output operation.

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We offer custom built High Performance Professional Grade Units that may be mounted on Towers, Poles, Platforms, Buildings, Rooftops, Vehicles, Trailers and more. Our Turbines can be used for Battery charging, Heating or Grid connection and beyond!


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