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VAWT Wind PowerHave you ever driven past a wind turbine or a home with solar panels and wondered how much did it cost? Do they generate all their own energy? Is the power reliable? Can I do that?

On-site power generation is now more feasible than ever with our unique VAWT design and our government is enacting policies and programs to encourage investment in renewable energy systems. State by State Incentives for Renewable Energy. State Activities/Wind Maps

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ROOFTOP WIND POWER, LLC - "This is where Electricity comes from!"

Rooftop Mounted VAWT, Pole Mounted VAWT, Tower Mounted VAWT, Building Mounted VAWT, Structure Mounted VAWT, Platform Mounted and Utility Scale VAWT  for Industrial, Commercial and Residential Installations, Community and Government, VAWT Wind Farms, for Grid-Tie, Distributive Power, Battery Charging and more! HAWT units also available.

We look forward to the pleasure of doing business with you!

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